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Do you feel confident enough to train on your own but need a structured training program? Coach yourself with these super affordable, in depth 'not-so-cookie-cutter' programs made to individuals' purchase.

-Includes access to the Train Heroic App.

-Automatically generated custom weights for the entire month for all main lifts.


-Each program goes for 4 consecutive weeks


How does it work ?

-pick a goal; Build technique, Build muscle, Build Strength 

-level of experience; novice, beginner, intermediate, advanced, athlete

-choose an area of focus;

1. Bikini Body (Glutes & Shoulders) is suitable for anyone.

2. Fix imbalances (lower posterior chain) for people prone to low back pain. Someone who sits at a desk everyday suffer from extremely weak glutes and hamstrings. 

3. Fix imbalances (upper posterior chain): for people who sit or stand everyday and suffer from rounded shoulders

4. Core strength: are you into other physical activities such as calisthenics or pole dancing?This one is for you.

Amanda's Recommendation

In order to receive optimal results my greatest advice is to cycle through at least 3 programs to see real results. Good nutrition is also paramount. Start with a foundation block even as an advanced individual, I can still create a challenging program whilst building technique all at once. I would follow this up by completing a hypertrophy program second and finish strong in the strength block. If you are someone who works in a office most days, are prone to having a sore back it is most likely due to a weak posterior chain. If this sounds like you I would alternate blocks between upper and lower posterior chain focused programs to target both rounding of shoulders and forward head. If you are more advanced in the gym, you do not have to be a bikini competitor to do a shoulder and glute focused program. Bikini body is for everyone. If you partake in a recreational sport such as calisthenics or Pole dancing I would recommend the core add on.

Happy training