Meal Plan Add-Ons!

Meal Plan Add-Ons!

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Do you absolutely LOVE your delicious custom Meal Plan but crave other foods through the weekend?

Do you find yourself wishing for alternatives on the days it gets a little too repetitive or too boring without going off your plan?

Is the flexible dieting lifestyle appealing to you but you just can't seem to figure it out, let alone find the time to track through the week?

Here are the add-on options to your initial monthly Meal Plan:

+1 extra full day of eating 

+2 extra full days of eating

+3 extra full days of eating

+5 extra full days of eating 



*These meal plan days can be accumulated and saved to carry over to the following month of nutrition. 

*If followed on the recommended days, I can implement calorie cycling. This is great if you love to go out on the weekends or have a particular 'treat meal' you'd like to fit one day a week.

*Meal plans come with suggestions if you're feeling lost about what food you can or can't have (Psstt! you can actually have anything!) 

*Meal plans can include your own recipes of your favourite food. 100% personalised.