Discounted 4 Week Block Coaching Package

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4 Week Block Elite Coaching Package

- A weekly 60min PT sessionEach PT includes an additional 10 minute face to face check in where we take tape and skin fold measurements, discuss your compliance or obstacles you may be facing in your day to day life holding you from reaching your goals. 

-Custom macro targets, delicious meal plan based on your favourite foods & flexible dieting education

-Personalised training Program. Learning both strength and hypertrophy training styles to maximise progress.

-On-going adjustments to calories and macros based on your body's response & weekly Check ins.

-Train Heroic app access for your training program that will provide you with your weight, set and rep schemes. Demo videos and a calendar view to easily spot progress in your training.

- Spreadsheet Access to track your own progress and compliance to fill out daily or weekly.

- Check in forms and video responses from myself, phone calls available anytime for extra support when needed.

-Goal setting and action planning for maximising transformation results in12 weeks.

-Potential to develop into Comp Prep (Powerlifting or Bodybuilding... or Both!)

-Education and Insight in Amanda Huot Body Specialist's Body Recomposition Method.